Your Life Plan Tree - [your destiny is in your hands!]

Where the LIFE TREE began.

Back in 2017, my husband and I were at a junction in our lives. We knew it was coming. The writing was on the wall - all the clich├ęs you can think of were there, and not one of them stop the inevitable from happening.

We had been running a small shop together in a small town in Devon and in 2010 when the recession took a hold of the country we began a slow and painful decline.
At no point did we stop to reflect on 'next steps'. We ploughed on through, each day becoming more challenging than the previous.

We lost the ability to see that we were failing and that change was needed to survive and we eventually ran out of places to take the business, closing the doors 7 years later in 2017.

That first year was difficult. It was a mixture of pleasure and pain. Pleasure because we didn't have to face the misery of watching the business decline and pain because we had no plan of what or where we were going next.

We would wake up in the morning and go through the same motions each day. Tea, breakfast, walk the dogs, shop, cook, dinner/supper, bed! Ground Hog Day!

We were actually repeating what we'd done in the business. Frozen by fear of the unknown and too paralysed to take any action for fear of making it worse.

It was after about a year of agonising penny pinching just to get us through the day, that we acknowledged something had to change. But what....?

I'd been reading a lot of self help books and I'd read about a method that was gaining popularity - plotting your life tree.

I tried it and I was amazed at how much clarity it offered me. It was uncomfortable and some of it not nice to admit, but it straightened out my road and I knew what I needed to do to make me whole again.

My husband took another 6 months to come on board, but after seeing the changes in me and my lifestyle he was keen to give it a try.

I help him through and he's now got a 'warts and all' plan of what he needs to do to achieve the goals he wants to achieve. He'd previously have been too self conscious to even admit to them.

If you are lost , like we were, and you lack clarity and direction, then start you LIFE TREE today. Don't waste another hour in the unknown. Your future is waiting for you - we've found ours!

I can assist you with your life plan if you struggle to get it started. Sign up here and I'll send you the details to get you going.

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