The Best Teas to help you lose weight!

Tea is a beverage that has been enjoyed around the world for over 5000 years. It's history dates back to ancient China and according to legend, in 2732 B.C. Emperor Shen Nung discovered tea when leaves from a wild tree blew into his pot of boiling water.

Today the variety of teas on sales has grown to a staggering level, but there are still only 6 main tea groups. Black, Green, White, Yellow, Oolong and Dark. Still one of the favourites is Rooibos tea and rooibos latte.

Tea is made from dried and processed leaves, buds and other parts of the tea plant, 'camellia sinensis', which are steeped in water to infuse it with the plant's flavour and nutrients.

All teas are made from the same plant, but are processed differently - giving it different properties and flavours. Please don't confuse these teas with 'herbal teas' which are made from other plants - such as chamomile, peppermint and rooibos's. These are infusions rather than teas.

Diet Teas
Many of us want to lose weight! Some people are looking to shift the last couple of pounds to get them to their goal and some people are obese and at risk of serious cardiovascular disease. Whatever the reason, losing weight often tops the list of people's health goals.

Turning to tea has become incredibly popular. It is a beverage we are already used to drinking and it fits into our lifestyle without any dramatic changes. Pouring yourself a cup of tea seems more preferable now than reaching for the diet pills, and simply supping yourself back to your ideal weight.

Rooibos Tea
Red tea, or rooibos tea as it tea (called red because of its vibrant colour when steeped) is cultivated in South Africa from the red bush plant.

This tea contains a chemical compound known as aspalathin, which helps to stop the feeling of hunger and keeps the drinker feeling full for longer.

A study by scientists has shown that consumption of rooibos tea can reduce the stress-induced weight gain that many of us suffer in today's hectic, demanding world.

Rooibos, or Red Tea, reduces the stress hormone cortisol, which can trigger hunger and promotes fat retention. Stress can lead to binge eating and can quickly see us fall off out healthy eating plan and lose sight of our weight loss goals.

Red Tea is caffeine free so you can enjoy a cup right up to bedtime if you wish. It has a subtle nutty, citrusy flavour which can be quite refreshing. It is often used as a base tea for masala chai.

Losing weight is hard work!
It can be difficult to find the time to work out and even to prepare and cook healthy meals and this can be 'boring' if you aren't a healthy eater by nature. But getting into shape and losing weight doesn't have to be out of your reach. Drinking tea as part of your daily routine can really help you on your way and see you hit your fitness goals.

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