What's Really Going On During The Menopause?

Menopause matters! The Menopause has been in the news quite a bit in the UK this last month. It's like someone quite important suddenly became menopausal and so shared their experience and 'BAM' now it's acknowledged!

I personally wish it had been so popularly discussed about 4 years ago. It very nearly destroyed my otherwise, happy family life and no one, including myself, actually knew what on earth was happening. If I'd had access to the menopause symptoms, then I may have pushed harder to get the correct treatment plan started.

I was a level headed self employed business woman. Four teenage children, a husband I adored and a lifestyle that wasn't too bad at all - all things considered.

I hadn't been feeling great - couldn't put my finger on any particular symptom, just not myself. If I had to describe me, I'd say I'd become a bit forgetful, a bit clumsy and suddenly completely and irrationally intolerant to anything that didn't go my way.

You'd think if you met me at just the right time, that I was a self centred know it all that had little time for anyone but me.

Nothing  could have been further from the truth. I'd previously prided myself on my ability to put others first and deliver the family life that my nearest and dearest deserved. Outside the home, I was part of so many committees and voluntary organisations that I rarely found time for 'me'. But that was fine - I was happy.

I visited the Dr one day shortly having what I can only describe as a massive tantrum whilst ferrying my children to their various clubs. I got into a petty row about what I'd had planned for tea and used all my self restraint to not behave in a way that I can't actually even type here - that's how horrific it felt.

My Dr, who I'd known for years said I was overdoing it and needed a break..... I asked about the menopause but told I was too young-but I just didn't feel like me.

After years of personality changes, I finally collapsed in the street and was taken into hospital after I failed to walk the small hill where I live. Breathless, heart-racing, shaking, freezing cold and unable to even think straight, I was finally diagnosed as menopausal.

I would have done so much more to help myself if I had the slightest clue that this was upon me. There are so many books and pills and CD's and DVD's that I really could have understood all this before it got to that stage.

I had a coil fitted and I've never felt better - I'd encourage anyone, whatever age they are, just to ask themselves and their Dr's, "Am I menopausal" because we really do not need to suffer for a moment longer than we have too.
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