Vaginal Dryness & How to Help Yourself!

One of the many joys of the menopause, is possibly one of the hardest to discuss with your Dr, your husband/partner and your chemist.

Vaginal dryness is still very much a taboo subject and yet it has such simple cures that I find it worrying that we are not discussing it more openly.

I don't mean as a dinner table topic (although actually, why not??) I mean as a real issue and cause for concern to many of the women who I have discussed this with.

I've taken advice, tips and done the 'trial and error' of product testing and yes, I did get to a product that I found relieved my symptoms and helped keep my husband and I in a healthy sexual relationship.

But not before I suffered. For years I experienced soreness, dryness, cracks and itching. I had so many tests and swabs and biopsies and nothing was found. As I was thought to be 'too young' to be truly menopausal, it was never considered.

I eventually took things into my own hands and started to ask friends if they ever had these symptoms and I was staggered to discover almost every single one of them had. And also staggeringly, they'd almost all found their own solution to avoid the dreaded conversation with the doctor - why are we ashamed of being women?

We are thrilled when we hit puberty, start periods, grow breasts and get pregnant. But when Mother Nature leads us to the next phase, we become introvert and embarrassed.

Here, I've put together the products, in one  place that may help you get through the next phase still feeling like a woman and still enjoying your relationships.

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