Menopause & Weight (Not a Mystery Anymore)
You'd be forgiven for believing that losing weight when you are going through the menopause is almost impossible. That's certainly what most written articles would lead you to think.

This is where it pays to be informed. Hormonal changes have a huge impact on your weight, as does stress and not forgetting ageing. But how can we overcome these 'acts of nature' that are set against us? Simple... get knowledgeable!

Don't despair and don't give up too easily either.

Menopause typically starts when a woman has not had a period (menstrual cycle)for at least 12 months. At the same time she may notice that she has gained a few pounds unexpectedly.

In fact, the truth is, woman actually start to gain weight (albeit slowly) about a decade before menopause, during 'perimenopause'.

Hormone Fluctuations:
both elevated and low levels of estrogen can lead to increased fat store.

Loss of Muscle Mass:
this happens as a consequence of aging. Hormonal changes and decreased activity lead to a loss of muscle.

woman find it difficult to get a good nights sleep during the menopause and you can read more about that here.

In order to lose weight a calorie deficit is needed. During menopause, a woman's metabolism slows down, meaning she burns less calories when resting. But don't be fooled into going on a crash, low calorie diet. These are fine in the short term, but overall the effect on muscle mass will make it difficult to keep off in the long run.

You would be better off, simple resisting the size portions you have (dietary restraint) rather than drastically reducing your calorie intake.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle instead, that you can maintain and you will find your weight stays off for good!

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