Can you really break that habit...?

Habits! We all have them. Most of us don't even realise that we have them - but we do.

But before we get into trying to work out how we can begin 'breaking the habit', lets first take a look at what a habit really is.

A habit is defined as 'a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.'

In order to successfully kick a habit, we must first acknowledge what we are dealing with. Routine behaviours done a regular basis, are known as habits.

Think about how your day started today. Did your alarm go off at the same time as yesterday? Did you head to bathroom for a comfort break after a long night of sleep? While there did you have a shower and brush your teeth. Did you then head to the kitchen to put the kettle on?

How much of this did you register - or was it all automatic - just what you always do? There - that's a habit!

In order to be conscious of your habits you need to acknowledge them and then change them.

How would it feel if tomorrow you set your alarm a little earlier ( or even a little later...)? Would that massively impact the rest of your day?

How about you head off and have a coffee before you shower? Does that through you off kilter?

The pint I'm trying to make is that we go about our lives, often unconsciously.

If we treat our eating and lifestyle the same way then the hopes and dreams of being something else or looking healthier are a long way off reality.

Try these easy tasks to see if you can shake your habits or if you need a little extra help from Dr Joe Dispenza.
Start your day without reaching for your phone. Leave it for 30 minutes before you take your first look at it. Then ask yourself "how did that make me feel?" Uncomfortable, twitchy, desperate to see if you had any emails or calls? Are you addicted to your phone?

2) Make your first drink of the day something different. Do you always reach for the same refreshment? Can you even start your day without a coffee? Try it and see - it's only one coffee after-all. It can't do you any harm to miss it - can it? Ask your how you feel... Sleepy, less awake, more irritable... are you addicted to your morning caffeine intake?

3) Can you get to work any other way? Have you even tried? Is it possible to walk maybe? Or do you leap from the front door, to the car door, to the office door and back again? Is it too much effort to think about other ways of doing things. Will it make you tired because you aren't used to the exercise? Will you get all hot and bothered because your metabolism is working overtime? Do you have a headache... that'll be the lack of caffeine! Are you in the habit of always taking the easy option - that could be a habit!

4) What are you having for lunch? Did you prepare that fresh boxed meal that you've been promising yourself all week? No! Did you convince yourself you were too tired to make it last evening, and then talked yourself into doing tomorrow evening when you might be less tired? Ah ha! Habit... are you always allowing your inner voice to speak louder than your conscious one? Does it always win, beating the conscious into submission? Are you ever to stop letting it win and fight back?

All of these everyday actions are habits that we allow ourselves to live with. But if you want a new you, healthier, happier, more aware of the world around you and engaged in it too, then try and break free of your inner voice.

Just remember this: keep doing the same things, keep getting the same results!

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