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What's wrong with being 40 something anyway...?

I typed 'Over 50' into Google today. I wanted to see what it meant to the world at large, as I'm well aware of what it means to me already.

Do you know what I found....? I found page upon page of life cover, funeral plans, healthcare plans etc etc…  I was dismayed! So much happens to womens bodies when they reach this 'golden' age but it's very difficult to access accurate and meaningful advice and guidance - often leaving me feeling like 'it's just me then'!

Truth is, it's not just me is it!!

Being 40 something always sounded so old when I was growing up. It felt like it was an age that was 'past it's sell by date'.

My parents seemed 'old' to me and I couldn't really relate to them and found it hard to believe that they had once been my age.

Now that I'm 50 something though, boy was I wrong!

Where have 'my' years gone...? How did I get so old so quickly  and how on earth did I get so out of shape!

Many of my friends were dreading being '40 Something' but I wanted to be a 'cool' forty for my kids. I had them late, when I was in my mid 30's so I couldn't really complain about having missed out on anything.

But my biggest issue with being '40 Something' was what it did to my body. And I wasn't about to start doing any over 40 workout routines either.

Being over 40 effects every aspect of your 'being'. There is literally a phase that is called 'over 40 makeup', 'over 40 fashion', 'over 40 fitness'... do I need to go on?

I wasn't ready for it but it was coming for me.

Did you know that for every decade after you reach 30, you put on an additional 1lb a year!

By the time you are 50 you could be a whopping 20lb heavier and through no fault of your own - just a natural slowing of your metabolism.

That's why we need to act early. You don't need as many calories as you age and you could definitely benefit from the calorie intake being 'managed'.

Notice I said managed not controlled. Who want to be on a diet for the rest of their lives? Not me!

I'm choosing a healthy lifestyle and hoping that the years continue to be kind to me in return. My belly may not be that flat, and I may carry the inherited family double chin, but I'll know I gave myself the best chances of being healthy along the way.

One of my favourite videos that has aided my weight loss, 'Break the habit of being you...'

...and then I was 40!

Then I got to 40 and without warning everything started to slip a little. My 'control' was still in place but my body was no longer listening or responding.

These days I have to try so much harder to lose any gained pounds - much harder to look attractive (those wrinkles are growing daily), - much harder to keep a flat belly (4 kids later don't you know...) and much, much harder to keep the pounds off!

But I'm not giving in gracefully, no way!

Journey with me through my forties. There will be useful hints and tips on the way  and some will work and others we will discarded, but we will do it together.

Share your 40 something stories to help our future generations understand us more and know how they will feel when they eventually get here...

Take a look through the site and visit often as I'll be updating daily with latest fads and diets and many do's and don't along the way.

Good Luck
My aim now that I'm losing weight in my 40's - and menopausal too - is to review and reveal everything you need to know about growing more glamorous by the day - and all you need to do is keep watching!
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